Taking a holistic view of clinical waste management

    • Both in-depth and wide-ranging expertise is needed to be able to manage healthcare waste at hospitals. On the one hand, they produce large volumes of all types of healthcare waste – from offensive waste all the way through to cytostatic medicines. On the other, they need many other services that go beyond simple waste management logistics. We can offer your hospital:

      • help to classify your waste
      • advice on selecting the most suitable bins & containers
      • container exchange services – singly or by the pallet
      • support regarding all legal regulations
      • an external waste officer for your hospital
      • management of your old X-ray film
      • archive clearance work
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    Our staff is highly qualified and has been awarded a number of certificates – including how to handle biological safety cabinets

We can handle the following healthcare waste for you

  • Make the most of our wide range of services covering the declaration, segregation, transport, storage, recycling and disposal of healthcare waste, including the provision of suitable bins and containers. We collect these according to your wishes – either on a regular basis or whenever you call us up. We deal with:

      • infectious, pathological & cytostatic waste
      • offensive waste
      • photochemical waste
      • X-ray film
      • soda lime
      • chemicals
      • solvents
      • old medicines
      • sharps
      • slides/paraffin blocks
      • biological safety cabinets

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X-ray recycling and archive clearances

  • Being part of the REMONDIS Group, we are also able to take on other waste management tasks – for example when it comes to recycling X-ray film. Suitable transport containers or bins are provided depending on the volumes of film that are generated. The film is then recycled at state-of-the-art facilities within the REMONDIS Group – always, of course, with the highest levels of transparency. Moreover, we are more than happy to clear out your archives for you and ensure that all your patient files are destroyed in accordance with data privacy laws.

  • A list of all healthcare waste found at hospitals can be found in the section on waste codes

Recycling heart catheters

  • Did you know that there is a far better solution for unwanted heart catheters than throwing them away with normal clinical waste? Heart catheters contain valuable materials such as gold, platinum, iridium and copper, all of which can be recovered. REMONDIS Medison can provide you with all the services you need – from the bins for storing them in your hospital, to transportation and recycling, to payment for the metals recovered.

Experts in handling chemicals and photochemical waste

  • Should your hospital also generate photochemical waste, then we can help you here as well. It makes no difference whether it is stored in containers provided by us or has to be pumped out of a tank. We have all the equipment needed and bring everything with us. By the way, the same applies to chemistry know-how. All our experts have TRGS 520 certification and they are more than happy to provide you with advice on the chemicals produced at your hospital, i.e. they can go to your hospital, sort all the substances into their relevant waste category and draw up a comprehensive concept to meet your requirements.

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Extensive fieldwork support

For us, customer service means always being there for you whenever you need us. A member of staff is, therefore, assigned to your hospital and is there to answer any questions you may have about waste management. Moreover, they provide you with information about new products and offers that may further enhance the efficiency of your system. We always keep a very close eye on the various material streams produced at your hospital so that we can present you with your hospital’s waste statistics whenever you may wish to see them.

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