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  • The comprehensive packages that we have put together for different medical care providers not only guarantee that their waste is handled safely and cost effectively. They are also a highly effective way for you to grow the quality of your own services and products. And the fact that they cut costs is also a welcome addition. Which is why we develop bespoke concepts to suit your specific needs that often go beyond simple waste management. All in all, we offer a wide range of services covering the environmentally compatible and legally compliant storage, logistics and recycling or disposal of healthcare and photochemical waste as well as waste that contains solvents. Why not take a look below to find out how you can benefit from working with REMONDIS Medison?!

  • Details about the services & advantages specific to your sector can be found under customers

Experience & know-how

REMONDIS has been one of the leading healthcare waste management companies for many years now. Throughout this time, we have been able to demonstrate our high levels of expertise, serving a wide range of customers and participating in numerous major projects. Our services are also in high demand when it comes to more unusual tasks, such as developing and operating large-scale take-back schemes for specific waste streams such as toner cartridges or special packaging. Moreover, we have gained additional expertise by collaborating with renowned research institutes – for example, with the Robert Koch Institute where our work focused on Ebola waste. It goes without saying that all REMONDIS Medison locations have received accreditation in accordance with the ‘EfbV’ [Ordinance on Specialised Waste Management Companies]; many of them also have QM and/or WHG certificates [WHG: German Federal Water Act].

Top quality disposal & recycling systems

  • REMONDIS Medison has access to state-of-the-art plant technology enabling it to recycle or dispose of materials using environmentally compatible processes – including its own sterilisation facility in Lünen. Moreover, we have guaranteed capacities at hazardous waste incineration plants across Germany giving both you and us additional peace of mind. No matter what type or what amount of healthcare waste you produce, we will always be able to manage it for you using safe and environmentally considerate methods. And, as we are a company that always thinks sustainably and acts sustainably, we are continuously investing in new recycling technology so that as many materials can be recovered for reuse as possible. In addition, the fact that we are a REMONDIS Group company also means that we can provide specialist services. Our precious metal management division is just one example of many. Here, for example, we are able to recover silver from X-rays, aluminium printing plates and cathodes, providing our customers with an additional source of income.

  • REMONDIS Medison’s portfolio also includes archive clearances and data destruction in accordance with the ‘BDSG’ [German Federal Data Protection Act]

Collection & transport

  • Our services start at your business premises – supplying you with the containers you need in the size, colour and shape of your choice. Having discussed your requirements with you, these are then collected by us and exchanged for empty ones either on a regular or an as-needed basis. We are able to provide such a flexible service thanks to our large fleet of vehicles and our extensive network of business locations that stretches across Germany and Europe. The materials are collected by special vehicles and the whole process couldn’t be easier for you. For the most part, the weighing slip can be printed out immediately by the driver.

    • We can transport materials by road, rail and sea – and always in accordance with the latest regulations, such as ADR, RID and IMDG

    • We fulfil absolutely all ADR and BDSG regulations from start to finish – from the storage and collection, to the transport, all the way through to the final treatment

Experts at work

  • A company can only deliver good services if it has a team of good employees. REMONDIS only works with highly trained specialists – from our ADR-qualified drivers all the way through to your contact people in our fieldwork and office teams. Indeed, our focus is always on providing you with a personal service and the best possible support. Just one example here is the way we always try to have the same drivers driving the same routes. At the end of the day, our staff often has to access closely regulated areas and it helps to have a familiar face turn up each time.

  • All our employees have taken part in ADR training courses


  • We are able to provide full traceability – and we can do this electronically via our online REGISTA portal for waste volumes exceeding 20 tonnes. Either way: we deal with all documentation on your behalf and issue you with all the paperwork you require, such as consignment notes. If you wish, we can also draw up a report detailing your business’ waste statistics. REMONDIS’ Sustainability Certificate can be of a great advantage here. It provides detailed proof of the positive impact your waste management system has on the environment as well as on energy and resource consumption.

  • Click here to read more about proof of service  at REMONDIS Medison

    Documented proof of how resources are saved – REMONDIS’ Sustainability Certificate

Advice & service

No two customers are the same. We are well aware of this and have adapted the way we do business to reflect this fact. It doesn’t matter which of our wide range of services we offer, our goal is always the same: to make the whole subject of waste management as easy as possible for you – whether it has to do with specialist waste matters, legal questions, logistics, technical issues or waste management concepts. We can, for example:

  • provide advice on how to handle waste correctly
  • draw up comprehensive waste management concepts
  • provide external waste management officers

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