Managing healthcare waste – efficiently and compliantly

  • Thanks to our years of experience and our comprehensive range of services, we have become one of the leading healthcare waste specialists. We can handle all the tasks involved – from the segregation, collection and transportation, all the way through to the recycling or disposal of the materials. Our customers not only benefit from our bespoke logistics concepts, smart solutions and reliable services but also from the fact that we always comply without fail with all rules and regulations. Being experts in managing healthcare waste, we know all legislative requirements like the back of our hands – so you can rest assured that your duty of care obligations are always being fulfilled. By the way, the same is true when it comes to efficiency. Our whole business is extremely cost effective as we are able to combine small volumes of waste to create large material streams.

  • Bespoke solutions for a wide range of medical sectors – from GP practices, to laboratories, all the way through to hospitals

Always keeping an eye on sustainability

  • Ambitious goals need a clear strategy. Our plan is to continuously increase the number of sensitive waste types that can be recycled so that they can be transformed into raw materials and products and returned to global production cycles. Looking at the healthcare waste sector, this applies, for example, to photochemical waste and waste that contains precious metals. Having said that, however, there are also many substances among the categories of healthcare waste where the focus is solely on ensuring that they are disposed of safely. It goes without saying that we perform these tasks with the greatest care and attention – and always mindful of all ethical aspects. Each and every solution we develop here takes the local requirements into account.

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Our guidelines for managing healthcare waste

    • Giving priority to bespoke solutions

      We develop tailor-made concepts that offer a range of different services. The reason for this is simple: the best solutions are always those that have been specially adapted to meet our customers’ exact requirements and that impact as little as possible on their work and business processes.

    • Focusing on compliance

      REMONDIS Medison offers the highest levels of safety and security. It goes without saying that we recycle and dispose of sensitive waste using state-of-the-art technology and always in accordance with all rules and regulations.

    • Ensuring transparency at all times

      Information about all the different material streams is continuously being recorded, analysed and documented. This guarantees full transparency across all business areas.

    • Delivering what our customers need

      The interests of our customers are paramount. We develop logistics solutions and service packages that help them save time, space and money. We can, for example, provide swap bodies (hydraulically controlled) for storing waste if such large containers are needed.

The best possible set-up

  • One of the reasons why we are able to provide bespoke solutions is our size. Thanks to our network of business locations in Germany and abroad, we are there for our customers wherever they need us. Our team of 350 employees ensures that your healthcare waste is managed just the way it should be: without problems and in line with stringent quality standards. Moreover, we also operate an extensive fleet of 110 special vehicles and state-of-the-art plants and facilities. These include:

    • Silver melting / processing facilities 
    • Clinical waste treatment facilities
    • Film washing facilities
    • Film shredding facilities
    • Solvent treatment plants
    • Hazardous waste treatment plants
    • Waste decontamination plants
    • Electrolysis facilities to process photographic chemicals (Europe-wide)
  • REMONDIS Medison is one of just 60 companies worldwide to have been granted the Good Delivery Refiner status for precious metals

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