We not only handle your waste but all the paperwork as well

As an accredited specialised waste management company, REMONDIS Medison is authorised to issue all documents that are required to show that the waste management tasks have been carried out. This minimises the red tape for our customers and also guarantees that they have fulfilled their duty of care in line with all rules and regulations. All waste management services provided by us are documented in accordance with the ‘KrWG’ [German Recycling and Waste Management Act] and the ‘NachwV’ [Ordinance on Waste Recovery and Disposal Records] and then sent or handed straight over to our customers. These individual steps/documents include:

  • The checks that must be carried out before waste may be transferred (Record of Proper Waste Management [Entsorgungsnachweis])
  • The checks that must be carried out while the waste is being transferred (consignment notes [Begleitscheine], handover certificates [Übernahmescheine])
  • Keeping of a registry of proper management of waste [Registerführung]
  • Record of Proper Waste Management: this document is issued by the authorities responsible or the qualified waste management company; it provides the waste producer with advance confirmation that the planned waste management operation is permissible
  • Consignment note: this records which companies were involved in the management and disposal of the waste; this document, therefore, accompanies the waste from the waste producer to the waste carriers / managers and to the authorities
  • Handover certificate: this includes information such as the volume of waste and states the index number of the waste producer and the waste manager

The electronic waste records procedure using REGISTA®

  • REMONDIS has developed its own electronic system, REGISTA®, to record and provide proof of the individual waste management stages for volumes of waste exceeding 20 tonnes. Thanks to this tool, it has never been easier for our customers to meet their obligations. And you don’t need to be an IT specialist to use the system either. The software controls the way the data is entered and transmitted – keeping your work to an absolute minimum. Of course, we also offer a full service package here for all those who wish to select the most convenient option. In this case, we use REGISTA to carry out practically all of the electronic registration work on your behalf – all you need do is sign as the waste producer. This service allows you to focus fully on your core business. Another advantage of REGISTA: as a REMONDIS Medison customer, you can use the portal for other materials – i.e. also for waste that is not handled by us

  • Particularly cost effective: the REGISTA portal can be used for a monthly flat-rate fee


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