• Managing waste chemicals from start to finish

    Thanks to our wealth of expertise and our extensive logistics systems, we are able to handle and treat all types of chemicals from across the whole of the country. This also includes waste chemicals generated by hospitals, universities, schools and pharmacies. As is the case with all our areas of business, we offer a full and comprehensive range of services for handling and treating chemicals. From providing expert advice, to covering all logistics matters, all the way through to guaranteeing treatment processes that are both legally compliant and environmentally friendly.

How we handle your chemicals

  • People looking for companies to collect and treat their chemicals need to know that they are working with a business that is not only reliable but also has all the necessary specialist knowledge. REMONDIS Medison is ahead of all the others here. We have a team of specially qualified experts (chemists, waste management specialists etc) who are responsible for declaring the different types of waste. They know all about the substances they are dealing with as well as all about the rules and regulations that must be met. Our field staff draw up a bespoke offer to meet your needs based on the information provided by you or after having visited your business to assess your requirements. Once we have been assigned the work, your waste is sorted by our specially trained personnel who all have TRGS 520 certification. It goes without saying that we bring along all the bins and containers needed to carry out this task. We also have in-depth knowledge of the logistics required for this area of business. It makes no difference how the substances must be packed and transported (individually in line with ADR rules or bulked up as per Exemption No. 20 [Ausnahme Nr. 20]), we have the know-how and transport systems for every possible situation.

  • If you wish, REMONDIS Medison can provide you with staff trained and qualified to collect, store, declare and sort your chemicals

  • A few examples of the chemicals we treat

        • Medicines
        • Laboratory chemicals
        • Toxic substances
        • Acids & alkalis
        • Inorganic & organic chemicals
        • Sodium hydroxide solutions
        • Potassium hydroxide solution
        • Sulphuric acid
        • Hydrochloric acid
        • Nitric acid
        • Solvents
        • Picric acid
    • We can also help you make sure your controlled drugs are handled safely – always in line with the Narcotics Act of course

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