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  • We handle every single step ourselves when it comes to managing healthcare waste: from providing suitable bins and containers, to transporting and temporarily storing the materials, all the way through to recycling or disposing of the waste in accordance with all rules and regulations. Our network of plants includes facilities for recycling waste as well as facilities that use environmentally compatible processes to dispose of non-recyclable materials. We are constantly investing in new technology and processes to make the recycling and/or disposal of healthcare waste even safer, even more efficient and even more environmentally considerate. Our company is well-known for the high quality of its specialist services and facilities which include:

    • its own disinfection facility in Lünen
    • its own electrolysis plant in Gummersbach
    • its own facility for processing solvents in Braunschweig
    • its own facility for washing X-rays
    • its own facility for incinerating X-rays
    • guaranteed capacities at hazardous waste incineration plants across the country
    • bespoke support from our precious metal management team for recycling/disposing of X-rays
    • A look inside our state-of-the-art disinfection facility in Lünen

    • With the REMONDIS Group operating a network of around 800 recycling and production plants, we can always guarantee reliable waste management services

Certified quality

Our business locations have all received accreditation in accordance with the ‘EfbV’ [Ordinance on Specialised Waste Management Companies]. This documents that we meet all quality standards. It also simplifies the work with our customers as, being a specialised waste management company, we have the right to draw up waste management documents without having to get the additional approval of the authorities. Our specialist businesses, which store and treat substances that may be hazardous to water (e.g. photographic chemicals), have all been issued with an additional certificate in accordance with Section 19 of the ‘WHG’ [German Federal Water Act].

  • Special systems for photochemical waste

    Our range of services:

    • Installation of new tank systems & optimisation of existing systems
    • Trouble-shooting services & quick and professional execution of repairs
    • Regular inspection & maintenance of the systems
    • Bespoke services, e.g. delivery & installation of tailor-made sinks
    • Servicing of developers & silver recovery units
    • Dismantling of existing tank systems

    A plastic tank for storing liquid photographic chemicals

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