Managing waste at medical practices – sensibly, cleverly & responsibly

  • Doctors, of course, wish to focus all their attention on their patients but they can only do this if they know that everything else in their practice is running smoothly. Yet another reason, therefore, for getting the true professionals in to handle their healthcare waste. Make sure you segregate and dispose of your infectious waste, old medicines, syringes, hypodermic needles and cannulas in the proper way. Keep your staff and indeed everyone else at your practice safe by storing your waste in our special disposal bins. We are, of course, more than happy to manage all the healthcare waste generated at your practice. Having us deal with all tasks helps reduce costs and ensures this area of your business runs smoothly. Alternatively, you can pick and choose which parts of our complete service package you would like to use.

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Our services for medical practices

  • You can hand over the following types of waste to us and know that they will always be handled safely. We also, of course, provide you with the right kinds of bins and containers and exchange them for empty ones as and when required:

      • infectious & cytostatic waste
      • offensive waste
      • photographic chemicals & developer solutions
      • X-ray film
      • syringes
      • other sharps
      • file destruction services
      • old medicines
    • Click here to find the different types of healthcare waste divided up according to category waste codes

Strict compliance and yet still flexible

  • Working with REMONDIS Medison means that you have the guarantee that your waste is always handled, recycled and/or disposed of safely and in accordance with all rules and regulations. Absolutely all laws are complied with at all times. Residual materials are disposed of using state-of-the-art technology and environmentally compatible processes. You are, of course, also in safe hands when it comes to our customer services. For the most part, the bins are collected and exchanged for new ones according to a fixed schedule. However, if you need us to come earlier, that’s not a problem either. Costs are charged according to container or weight keeping everything transparent for our customers. What’s more, every single collection is documented so you know exactly what’s happening at all times.

  • We travel to wherever we’re needed. Our fleet of Sprinter vans makes it easy for us to call at businesses located in city centres

Special services for nuclear medicine and pathology

    • With such a comprehensive portfolio, it is perhaps not a surprise to hear that we are also able to help practices that have more complex requirements. We have, for example, also developed a full range of services for managing healthcare waste from practices operating in the fields of nuclear medicine and pathology. No matter whether it be contrast media, solvents or slides – we first categorise your different types of waste and then provide you with the right kinds of storage containers, for example for hazardous or non-hazardous waste, with or without UN accreditation. We are also able to collect and dispose of organs and body parts – stored, of course, in opaque containers. Other services include decontaminating and dismantling biological safety cabinets – a task that is always carried out by specially trained staff with the required qualifications.

    • Click here to find out more about our file destruction and X-ray recycling services

    We dismantle biological safety cabinets in special tents wearing full body protection. The filters are removed and placed in UN-approved containers so they can be sent for disposal. The remaining cabinet is recycled accordingly

A note for vets

Animal waste is handled and disposed of by SARIA – the REMONDIS Group experts for recycling animal carcasses. SARIA’s subsidiary SecAnim specialises in disposing of animal material – especially high-risk material. We’d be very happy to arrange for you to talk to our colleagues at SARIA.

Always there for you whenever you need us

A member of our fieldwork team is assigned to your business as your own personal adviser to answer any questions you may have. Moreover, we also offer a customer helpline. Our well organised team of office staff can be easily reached and, should you have a very specific question, can put you straight through to the expert you need to talk to. We’re just a phone call away.

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