Managing waste in nursing homes – a complex task

  • Nursing and care homes offer their residents a wide range of services so that they can supply them with the things they need and provide them with the right medical care. All this has an impact on the volumes and types of waste the homes generate. A whole number of different residual materials have to be taken into account when managing waste from nursing and old people’s homes – from normal domestic waste and food waste all the way through to healthcare waste. The fact that these different materials are generated in such large volumes doesn’t make the task any easier – which is why REMONDIS Medison is the perfect partner for such homes. We belong to the REMONDIS Group which means that we have access to an extensive network of plants and facilities that really can recycle or dispose of every single type of waste.

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Our waste management services for nursing & care homes

  • Healthcare waste:

    • infectious & cytostatic waste
    • syringes & other sharps
    • out of date medicines
    • offensive waste
  • Other types of waste (in some cases managed by our sister companies):

    • food waste
    • commercial waste
    • packaging
    • old files & index cards

How REMONDIS Medison manages your waste

  • Working closely with you, our advisers draw up a list of all the waste your home generates – including all non-healthcare waste if you wish. Once they have this information, they then develop an efficient solution that covers all aspects of handling the different materials. This includes us supplying you with suitable storage and collection systems (in the right size, shape and colour) and then emptying them or exchanging them for empty bins at regular intervals. If you wish, we can pick them up from your individual wards. Special vehicles are used to transport the materials to our own plants and facilities where they are recycled or disposed of in accordance with all safety regulations and all waste management laws. Instead of opting for our complete service package for nursing and care homes, you can, of course, pick and choose which individual parts of our portfolio you would like to use.

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And what happens to the non-healthcare waste?

We make the most of the expertise of the other REMONDIS Group companies for all tasks that do not fall into REMONDIS Medison’s direct remit. Just one example here is our work with REFOOD which specialises in recycling food waste. We are more than happy, though, to draw up waste management concepts for all other types of waste. We will always do everything in our power to make waste management at your home as easy as possible for you. Why not contact us to find out more?!

Always there for you whenever you need us

A member of our fieldwork team is assigned to your business as your own personal adviser to answer any questions you may have. Moreover, we also offer a customer helpline. Our well organised team of office staff can be easily reached and, should you have a very specific question, can put you straight through to the expert you need to talk to. We’re just a phone call away.

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