Finding the right remedy for pharmacy waste

Managing pharmacy waste not only involves having to provide solutions for storing old medicines but also for cytostatic and cytotoxic waste. Unwanted cytostatic medicines must be stored in approved single-use containers that are robust, puncture resistant and fit for purpose and have a tight-fitting lid. We are able to supply you with the right types of storage container and dispose of your cytostatic waste in certified facilities. Moreover, our portfolio of services for pharmacies also includes dismantling biological safety cabinets and disposing of contaminated materials – safely and expertly.

Our range of services

    • Checking the materials & sorting them according to waste group
    • Supplying transport containers & fill material
    • Professionally packing the materials into special containers
    • Correctly labelling, classifying & declaring the waste in accordance with the valid dangerous goods regulations
    • Drawing up the transport & waste management documents
    • Compiling lists of the chemicals for the disposal facilities
    • Transporting dangerous goods using our own specially trained staff (with e.g. TRGS 520 certification)
    • Collecting & transporting damaged hazmat bins using special containers
    • Collecting & disposing of highly toxic or reactive chemicals, also in “problematic” packaging
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  • Knowledge is the best way to keep people safe

    • Our years of experience of managing pharmacy waste have created a number of advantages. On the one hand, we have in-depth knowledge of all current legislative requirements so we can guarantee that we will always handle your old medicines and/or faulty batches in accordance with the Narcotics Act at all times. On the other, we have the specialist knowledge and specially trained staff needed to carry out highly complex tasks such as decontaminating or dismantling laboratory and biological safety cabinets.

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    We dismantle biological safety cabinets in special tents wearing full body protection. The filters are removed and placed in UN-approved containers so they can be sent for disposal. The remaining cabinet is disinfected and then recycled as well

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  • Our portfolio of services is very wide-ranging indeed when it comes to recycling chemicals: from checking the substances, to supplying suitable bins and containers, all the way through to transporting them to the right facility. Having us manage your waste means you are helping the environment, cutting your costs and saving yourself a great deal of work – as you don’t need to do anything yourself. What’s more you can rest assured that all rules and regulations are being adhered to, as REMONDIS offers a fully compliant service at all times.

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