Nationwide waste management services for laboratories

  • Waste generated by laboratories also includes hazardous substances. With sharps and infectious waste being potentially harmful for both humans and the environment, they must be handled and treated with particular care and attention. With this in mind, we have put together a wide-ranging portfolio of services for laboratories – from drawing up suitable waste management concepts, to supplying appropriate container and collection systems, all the way through to selecting the right kind of disposal technology. Together, these individual services form a complete and highly professional package that brings with it the highest levels of safety. And not just in one city but across the whole of Germany. We are the only service provider to offer specialist waste management services for businesses operating a network of laboratories. An ideal solution, therefore, for medical laboratories which own several branches.

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Our range of laboratory waste services:

    • Managing and disposing of infectious / non-infectious waste, chemicals & solvents
    • Checking the materials & sorting them according to waste group
    • Supplying transport containers & fill material
    • Professionally packing the materials into special containers
    • Correctly labelling, classifying & declaring the waste in accordance with the valid dangerous goods regulations
    • Drawing up the transport & waste management documents
    • Compiling lists of the chemicals for the disposal facilities
    • Transporting dangerous goods using our own special vehicles (with TRGS 520 certification)
    • Collecting & transporting damaged hazmat bins using special containers
    • Collecting & disposing of highly toxic or reactive chemicals, also in “problematic” packaging

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    Do you run laboratories at several different locations? That’s not a problem! Our logistics network covers the whole of the country, so we can offer them all the same high level of service no matter where they may be

A full range of services that is well worth its while

The first step to providing a professional waste management system for laboratory waste is to offer the right advice. To be able to do this, we first visit your business to find out exactly what substances need to be disposed of and then draw up individual or complete concepts. You can rest assured that you will only ever deal with people who are absolute experts in their field – whether it has to do with planning or implementing the concepts. Beginning with the initial advice, to the declaration and actual handling of the individual chemicals, all the way through to the decontamination or dismantling of biological safety cabinets. Only highly qualified staff with the necessary qualifications are allowed to carry out these tasks. All of our services have been added together to create a complete package that can offer you a number of benefits including:

  • guaranteed waste management services
  • optimised waste management costs by segregating infectious & non-infectious waste
  • advice & support from our fieldwork team

How blood donation organisations can also benefit

  • Our laboratory waste management package is not only suitable for medical laboratories but for other institutions carrying out similar work. We have, for example, developed complete waste management concepts for blood donation organisations that cover all non-infectious and infectious waste such as cannulas, syringes and blood bags. This also includes helping such customers to categorise their different types of waste, supplying them with suitable storage bins and containers and then collecting these regularly and, of course, replacing them with empty ones.

  • From medical laboratories all the way through to blood donation organisations – REMONDIS Medison has the right solutions to meet their special requirements

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